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Author: Iris Murdoch
Item date: 1957-1990s
Date acquired: 2014
Grant Value: £5,000
Item cost: £75,000
Institution: Kingston University
Town/City: London

Brigid Brophy (1929-1995) was an unconventional and experimental author of fiction and a passionate writer of non-fiction that embraced her strong political, cultural and moral views. She was also a dynamic campaigner on issues ranging from public lending rights for authors to vivisection.

Author: Tacitus [John Keats]
Item date: 1601
Date acquired: 2014
Grant Value: £5,000 from FNL's B. H. Breslauer Fund
Item cost: £43,730
Institution: Keats-Shelley House
Town/City: Rome

This edition of Tacitus’s Orationes Omnes, which once belonged to John Keats, is of major importance to scholars. It brings the number of books known to have belonged to Keats to 28. It also emphasizes just how important classical culture was to the young poet, confirming the evidence of the other books (including works by Roman historians) in his possession during his life. Most of these belong to Harvard University Library or Keats House in Hampstead, the copy of Tacitus being the first Keats-owned book to join the collection in Rome.

Author: Edward
Item date: 1783
Date acquired: 2014
Grant Value: £600
Item cost: £2,700
Institution: Dr Jenner's Library
Town/City: Berkeley
County: Gloucestershire

This is an unrecorded first issue of Edward Jenner’s first publication which was printed by J. Bence of Wotton-under-Edge in 1783. Jenner was dissatisfied with the preparations of some medicines in common use and made experiments, in particular to obtain a preparation of emetic tartar which would be ‘regular in strength and uniform in operation’. The pamphlet must have been printed in the autumn of 1783, since John Hunter, the surgeon under whom Jenner had trained, acknowledged it in November.

Author: Rev. George Armstrong
Item date: c1820-1835
Date acquired: 2014
Grant Value: £6,000
Item cost: £11,400
Institution: Harris Manchester College, Oxford
Town/City: Oxford
County: Oxfordshire

The Rev. George Armstrong was initially an Anglican clergyman who became an influential Unitarian minister and this collection of his letters is largely unpublished. This makes them valuable for scholars, and, as such, a very exciting acquisition for us. The College archive reflects the history of the College, which was a Unitarian foundation, and also the history of Unitarianism and the influential people who were, and are, Unitarians, not only in the UK, but worldwide. We add to the archive as much as we can, generally through the donation of papers, and we are very grateful for this opportunity to purchase such a valuable collection.

Item date: 1817, 1818, 1822, 1823, 1824, 1827, 1828, 1831
Date acquired: 2014
Grant Value: £1,000 from FNL's B. H. Breslauer Fund
Item cost: £2,000
Institution: Guildhall Library
Town/City: London

A sequence of early nineteenth-century London Almanacks, which were essentially ephemeral and are consequently very rare indeed. The Almanacks are of importance to any major collection relating to London history, principally because the standard format includes multi-paged, and sometimes folding, engraved plates of various London landmarks, as well as a listing of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs of that year. They are also significant examples of decorative bindings and of a tradition of printing ‘miniature books’.

Item date: 1317-1986
Date acquired: 2012
Grant Value: £4,624
Item cost: £9,248
Institution: East Sussex Record Office
Town/City: Lewes
County: East Sussex

Robert, the son of Ralph de Alderstead of Merstham in Surrey, probably assumed the surname Pashley only on his marriage to Sarah, the heiress of an estate centred on Pashley in Ticehurst, in about 1265. His son Sir Edmund Pashley pursued a career in the common law. Among the haul is a charter of free warren on all his demesne lands in Sussex and Kent, granted to Sir Edmund in 1317; it is the earliest and most spectacular element of the collection. During the 1450s, by a process not yet fully understood but which may be illuminated by these documents, the manor passed into the hands of the Boleyn family of Hever Castle in Kent. As well as a charter of feoffment of 1455, the collection includes court rolls compiled on behalf of its lords between 1455 and 1458. In 1540 the manor was sold to the May family of Combwell in Kent, in whose hands it descended until 1733.

Author: George Mckay Brown
Item date: 20th century
Date acquired: 2012
Grant Value: £4,000
Item cost: £23,600
Institution: National Library of Scotland
Town/City: Edinburgh

The National Library of Scotland has worked since the 1950s to build an unrivalled collection of modern Scottish Literary papers. This collection of almost 100 letters from Mackay Brown to Kenna Crawford, as well as 26 manuscript poems. The letters enrich the Library’s existing George Mackay Brown collection, which includes significant literary papers and much of his extensive correspondence with a wide circle of friends, some famous and some unknown.

Author: Anna Muthesius
Item date: 1903
Date acquired: 2014
Grant Value: £2,700 from FNL's B. H. Breslauer Fund
Item cost: £3,000
Institution: Glasgow School of Art
Town/City: Glasgow

In 1903 Anna Muthesius published the influential Das Eigenkleid der Frau, regarded as a seminal text in the development of early twentieth-century dress, and particularly associated with the Artistic Dress movement. Artistic Dress describes clothing that was produced for everyday use, designed in accordance with contemporary art principles, intended to challenge fashion and considered a work of art in itself.

Author: Robert Burns
Item date: c.1792
Date acquired: 2014
Grant Value: £5,000
Item cost: £39,868

One of the very first decisions made by the Mitchell Library trustees in 1874 was that the Library should seek to acquire all that it could about Glasgow, and about Robert Burns. The Robert Burns Collection is, therefore, fundamental to the Mitchell Library, and remains at the core of our current collecting policy. The acquisition of Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon adds considerable strength to the Mitchell Library’s existing holdings.

Author: Gilbert White
Item date: 1789
Date acquired: 2014
Grant Value: £1,500
Item cost: £3,900
Institution: Gilbert White's House
Town/City: Selborne
County: Hampshire

This first edition of The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne is very finely bound by Robert Riviere with a fore-edge painting of The Plestor, the village square in Selborne, reproduced from one of the original illustrations for the first edition of The Natural History. The original illustrations were commissioned by Gilbert White himself from the Swiss painter Samuel Hieronymus Grimm. Fore-edge paintings are very rare and this edition will make a very valuable exhibition item. Robert Riviere was an English bookbinder of French descent, he was an accomplished craftsman and his styles and techniques have not often been surpassed.