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Item date: 1766
Date acquired: 2018
Grant Value: £900
Item cost: £1,377
Institution: Derbyshire Record Office

Winster is a beautiful and historic village in the Peak District National Park.  In the mid-18th century it was a prosperous lead mining town but when the mines flooded, the industry died and the population shrank.  The village’s former prosperity is visible in the fine bu

Author: Charles Dickens (1812-1870)
Item date: 19th century
Grant Value: £20,000
Item cost: £1.8m
Institution: Charles Dickens Museum
Town/City: London

In 2017, the Charles Dickens Museum was approached by a private collector in America and given a rare opportunity to consider acquiring material before the remainder of the collection was sold. The collection – which we believe was the largest private collection of Dickens material in the world – had been amassed over a period of 40 years.

We have acquired over 300 items including 145 autograph letters, 54 manuscript items, 25 books from Dickens's own library and 33 artworks.

This acquisition brings outstanding material into a public collection where it can be accessed, researched and displayed, thereby extending the knowledge and appreciate of Dickens’s life and work.

Item date: 15th to 20th centuries
Date acquired: 2018
Grant Value: £3,750
Item cost: £7,500
Institution: Cotesbach Educational Trust

These documents provide crucial material relating to the first generation Marriotts of Cotesbach Hall, now occupied by the 8th generation of the family and where, through the efforts of many, we now have the most wonderful facility (principally HLF funded), namely an environmentally controlled archive which is accessible to the public, schools, researchers alike. Amongst the collection are documents relating to the purchase of Cotesbach Estate in 1759, which will fill in many missing pieces of an intriguing story.

Item date: Late 18th century
Date acquired: 2018
Grant Value: £2,000 [Smaller Libraries Fund]
Item cost: £2,500
Institution: Cornwall Record Office - Kresen Kernow
Town/City: Redruth
County: Cornwall

The Cornwall Record Office already held the Helston Borough archive, as well as the Argal manor collection but the former was conspicuously light on Poor Law and settlement papers and this was because that content had, at same point in the past, been separated off from the Borough archives, as represented in the documents which were offered to the Record Office. The Office was very keen to acquire this collection to augment what was already a very extensive Borough archive and to provide a much better resource for the study of the family and social history of this key Cornish town which received its first charter in 1336.

Item date: late 13th century
Date acquired: 2019
Grant Value: £10,000
Item cost: £100,000
Institution: Canterbury Cathedral Archives & Library
Town/City: Canterbury
County: Kent

‘The Lyghfield Bible’, illuminated manuscript on vellum, late 13th century.

It is almost certain that the Lyghfield Bible was produced in Paris by professional scribes and illuminators in the later 13th century. Paris was the centre of the production of 'Pocket Bibles', of which the Lyghfield Bible is a fine example. Pocket Bibles brought all of the books of the Bible into one volume of a small format, and were produced in large numbers from the later 13th century onwards. The volumes were designed for personal learning and devotion, and they were particularly convenient for scholars and travelling preachers.

The script of the Lyghfield Bible is tiny but impeccable, with its Latin written in two columns on fine vellum. Each book of the Bible begins with a tiny exquisite illumination.

The Bible is a highly important addition for our collections.

Author: Winifred Knights
Item date: c. 1933
Date acquired: 2018
Grant Value: £1,500 [Smaller Libraries Fund]
Item cost: £1,800
Institution: Canterbury Cathedral Archives & Library
Town/City: Canterbury
County: Kent

These four preparatory drawings are for the painting ‘Scenes from the Life of St Martin’, which forms the altarpiece of St Martin’s Chapel in the North-East transept of the Cathedral. Knights completed the painting in 1933.

The painting itself was lent to the Dulwich Picture Gallery in 2016 for its widely acclaimed retrospective exhibition on Knights, and was displayed alongside a number of her preparatory drawings. The exhibition highlighted the importance of the Cathedral’s painting amongst the artist’s oeuvre. For the Cathedral, the painting is a highly significant example of 20th-century art, and also of work by women artists.

Author: Jérôme Tharaud, Jean Tharaud.
Item date: Paris: 1931
Date acquired: 2018
Grant Value: £2,100
Item cost: £2,500
Institution: Campion Hall, University of Oxford
Town/City: Oxford
County: Oxfordshire

A finely bound copy of the 1931 edition of L'Ombre de la Croix by the brothers Jérôme and Jean Tharaud, complete with all the 73 etchings by Frank Brangwyn. The copy was commissioned for the French film producer Guy Seligman, and bears his book label. It was very beautifully rebound (two volumes in one) by E and A Maylander of Paris.

Brangwyn’s work is at the heart of the Campion Hall collection: his set of stations of the cross, chiaroscuro lithographs onto wooden panel (1927) are the key element in the design of the Chapel, since the architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens, took the module of panelling, fenestration, and paving from them. Brangwyn also gave the Hall his high quality cast of the Bruges Madonna, with which he had been presented when he was given the freedom of Bruges (his native city), and also his own copy (in a fine 17th-century binding) of the Dürer Little Passion. The Hall also owns a number of his etchings, including a few from L'Ombre de la Croix, framed and currently hung with prints by David Jones and Eric Gill.

Author: Claude Eliot
Item date: Saint-Laud: Germain & G. Grassin, Imperimeurs-Libraires, 1893
Date acquired: 2018
Grant Value: £2,500
Item cost: $7,535
Institution: Cambridge University Library
Town/City: Cambridge
County: Cambridgeshire

An exceptionally rare artist’s book in a contemporary cuir japonais binding, demonstrating the late 19th-century fashion for all things Japanese. There are no other copies recorded in UK libraries; another of the six special copies can be found at the Bibliothèque municipal in Angers (in a binding by Irène Pascalidès). This acquisition complements the Library’s holdings of fine bindings, colour plate books and extra-illustrated books, as well as being a fine addition to our collections of material relating to Japan.

The contemporary cuir japonais binding is by Lucien Durvand (1852–1924) and features a blind-stamped collage of tasselled medallions with hand-coloured Japanese scenes (including a pagoda, the procession of a dignitary, battle scenes, and an arching bridge) and Japanese-patterned brocade endleaves in shades of jade, crimson and gold.

Item date: Wittenberg: Joannes Viridimontanus [Johann Rhau-Grunenberg], 1512.
Date acquired: 2018
Grant Value: £6,000 [B H Breslauer Foundation Fund]
Item cost: £15,000
Institution: Cambridge University Library
Town/City: Cambridge
County: Cambridgeshire

An illustrated German post-incunable from the Macclesfield Library. This rare imprint by an otherwise prolific printer is an excellent complement to the University Library’s holdings of post-incunabula and works of Classical scholarship. It is only the third known copy, with an impeccable provenance.

Phrygius’ account was first put into print in Cologne prior to 1472 (two copies in the University Library) and a further eight editions were printed before 1500. Several editions were produced in Wittenberg in the early 16th century, firstly by the private press of Nicolaus Marschalk in 1502 (using the same woodcuts as here) and later by Grunenberg, though very few survive; only two other copies are known of the current edition, both in Germany. The Library has copies of four other pre-1550 editions of Phrygius, though none is illustrated.

Author: Evelyn Waugh
Item date: Christmas Day 1946
Date acquired: 2018
Grant Value: £5,000 [Philip Larkin Fund]
Item cost: £16,875
Institution: Leeds University, Brotherton Library
Town/City: Leeds
County: West Yorkshire

The letter concerns Duveen's translation of Vile Bodies and contains a potted autobiography of his life as well as an inscribed portrait after Henry Lamb. Les Editions de la Table Ronde, the Parisian publishing house founded by Roland Laudenbach, offered to publish a translation of Waugh’s second novel, Vile Bodies (1930). In the letter he offers explanations of unfamiliar English expressions in the text of the novel, explaining what a “chubb fuddler” is and that kedgeree is “an excellent luncheon or breakfast consisting of rice, eggs & salmon or haddock”.