A collection of 18thcentury printed works on the visual arts in France

Item date: 1747-1767
Grant Value: £945
Item cost: £945
Item date acquired: 2014
Item institution: Wallace Collection
Town/City: London
London borough: City of Westminster

Two volumes, containing 7 rare printed works relating to 18th century French art, from the stock of the late antiquarian bookseller Diana Parikian. The first contains six short works on the visual arts in Paris in the 1750s and 1760s, bound together:

a. A-C-P Caylus, Nouveaux sujets de peinture et de sculpture, Paris 1755.
b. La Font de Saint-Yenne, Lettre de l’Auteur des Reflexions sur la Peinture, Paris, 1746(?).
c. M-A Laugier, Jugement d’un Amateur sur l’Exposition des Tableaux, Paris 1753.
d. M. Daudé de Jossan, Sentimens sur plusieurs tableaux, Paris 1755.
e. Lettre Critique à un ami sur les ouvrages de Messieurs de l’Académie, Paris 1759.
f. La Porte, Observations d’une Societe d’Amateurs sur les tableaux exposés au Salon, Paris 1761. 

The second volume is M. Michel, La Peinture: Poëme, Lyon 1767. 

These are all relatively minor works, but exactly the sort of material a serious research centre on eighteenth-century French art needs to be able to offer its users. No other copies of the last four titles are recorded in UK libraries. In enabling us to acquire these rare and desirable items, FNL has again enabled us to strengthen our library collections in one of our core areas for development. The library of the Wallace Collection is open to researchers by appointment four days a week and is increasingly seen as a major research resource for art history in London and beyond.