Manuscript letters and papers (the Coed -y-maen papers)

Item author: Sir William Williams and Charles Watkin Williams-Wynn
Item date: 17th - 19th centuries
Grant Value: 5,000
Item cost: 55,000
Item date acquired: 1990
Item institution: National Library of Wales
Town/City: Aberystwyth
County: Ceredigion

Williams was Solicitor General 1687 -88 and the papers in this collection refer to the great state trials held in the 1670s and 80s: the Rye House Conspiracy, the Earl of Shaftesbury, Algernon Sidney and the Seven Bishops. There are two volumes of contemporary pamphlets many extremely rare, probably forwarded to Williams for legal opionion. Charles Watkin Williams-Wynn was a Grenvillite MP and President of the Board of Control 1822 - 28. There are 1600 letters, 379 from Buckingham, 175 from Thomas Grenville and 228 from Lord Grenville on the great political issues of the era: Catholic relief, , Ireland and the Reform Bill