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Author: Robert Burns
Item date: 18th century, various dates
Date acquired: 2020
Grant Value: £6,600
Item cost: £48,400
Institution: National Library of Scotland
Town/City: Edinburgh

Four letters and a poem of Robert Burns. NLS has one of the most comprehensive collections of Burns manuscripts to be found anywhere in the world, and the addition of these manuscripts greatly complements our collections. As most of these manuscripts (Acc.14167-14171) have not been seen since at least the 1930s their addition to the Library’s collections are timely both to recent scholarly projects, which seek to bring out new editions of Burns’s works, but also to the wider public.

Author: Caroline Alice Lejeune (1897-1973); Edward Anthony Lejeune (1928-2018)
Item date: 1940s-190s
Date acquired: 2020
Grant Value: £5,000
Item cost: £20,000
Institution: John Rylands Library, University of Manchester
Town/City: Manchester
County: Lancashire

Caroline Alice Lejeune (1897-1973) is an important figure in the history of film criticism, and in the history of women of renown from Manchester. While archives relating to the production of a particular film or the work of specific directors have occasionally appeared at auction, very few archives analogous to the present one have appeared on the open market.

Item date: 15th-19th centuries
Date acquired: 2020
Grant Value: £13,000
Item cost: £13,000
Institution: Hull University Archives, Hull History Centre
Town/City: Hull
County: Yorkshire

The collection forms part of our extensive holdings of family and estate papers relating to the historic East Riding of Yorkshire, and provides an unusually complete picture of a family in the 19th century as well as property records dating from the 15th century onwards. The Baines papers offer a rich opportunity to investigate the lives of a minor land-owning family in the 19th century, as well as the history of the villages represented in the property records.

Item date: 1905-1958
Date acquired: 2020
Grant Value: £2,400
Item cost: £5,000
Institution: Heritage Hub, Hawick (Live Borders)
Town/City: Hawick
County: Scottish Borders

A set of volumes relating to the Dispatch Department that operated out of Peter Scott & Co. Ltd. Wilton Path factory, their main factory, was at Buccleuch Street, Hawick. They will improve understanding of the work of a major hosiery and knitwear company that operated from Hawick 1878-2016. It will also add to the records held on Wilton Path factory, which only operated for a relatively short time and of which little is known.

Author: Various authors to Sir Charles Lyell
Item date: 1805-1899
Date acquired: 2020
Grant Value: £10,000
Item cost: $22000
Institution: Edinburgh University Library
Town/City: Edinburgh

Sir Charles Lyell (1797-1875) is one of the most influential scientists of the last two centuries. His ground-breaking Principles of Geology (1830-33) showed that the earth is not shaped by sudden catastrophic events but by slow-moving forces, like erosion and sedimentation, that we can still see in action today. This collectioin documents Lyell’s wide-ranging activities including the publication of his books, his academic work at Cambridge University, and his geological research trips, they provide vivid evidence of contemporary reaction to his revolutionary ideas.

Author: George Campion Courthope
Item date: 1850
Grant Value: £500
Item cost: £500
Institution: East Sussex, Brighton and Hove Record Office
Town/City: Lewes
County: East Sussex

The library catalogue is compiled and indexed in George Campion Courthope’s distinctive hand, with later additions, probably by another family member. It is divided into the subjects Theology, Classics, History, Literature, Philosophy, Poetry, Science and Political Economy, Biography and Correspondence, and Travels and Voyages, reflecting the wide range of interests of its well-read author.

Author: Edward Backhouse
Item date: 1870
Date acquired: 2020
Grant Value: £1,830
Item cost: £3,750
Institution: Durham Record Office
Town/City: Durham

Edward Backhouse (1808-1879), prominent member of the well-known Quaker family, was born in Darlington but moved to Sunderland in 1816. He was a partner in the family banking business, Backhouse & Co (a founding company of Barclays Bank), but mainly engaged in philanthropic activities. Edward wrote ‘Early Church History’ and other religious works. This journal forms part of a series of diaries Edward kept, during family cruises on the Schooner Yacht Nereid around Scotland and Scandinavia, and European travels.

Author: Thomas Hardy
Item date: 1920-1970
Date acquired: 2020
Grant Value: £18,234
Item cost: £50,000
Institution: Dorset History Centre
Town/City: Dorchester
County: Dorset

This collection was acquired to complement the principal Hardy archive, which is now on deposit at Dorset History Centre. It represents a major addition to the publicly-accessible Hardy archives and provides a fascinating insight into Hardy’s professional circle, his personal circumstances and his views and beliefs on a range of subjects. The material is made up of 46 separate elements, some of which contain multiple items. The bulk of the material was acquired between 1920 and 1970 and held as a single collection until this sale.

Item date: 1647-1660
Date acquired: 2020
Grant Value: £2,000
Item cost: £3,750
Institution: South West Heritage Trust
Town/City: Taunton
County: Somerset

The account book belonged to William Walrond (1610-c.1667), a member of the Walrond family of Bradfield House, near Uffculme in mid Devon, and provides an unusually detailed insight into the operation of a significant country estate during the years following the English Civil War.

Item date: 1846-1900
Date acquired: 2020
Grant Value: £1,000
Item cost: £1,200
Institution: Devon Family History Society
Town/City: Exeter
County: Devon

Maureen Selley, Secretary, writes:   The North Devon Record Office in Barnstaple, Devon, holds some material relating to the North Devon Infirmary, but it has no list of subscribers or benefactors in its collections.