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Author: Richard Thomlyns
Item date: 1584
Date acquired: 2017
Grant Value: £7,500
Item cost: £15,000
Institution: National Library of Wales
Town/City: Aberystwyth
County: Ceredigion

Formerly displayed in the bar of a public house in the Cotswolds, this parchment pedigree of a prominent Welsh Elizabethan merchant was purchased privately by the National Library of Wales in March 2017, with the aid of a grant of £7,500 fro

Author: John Napier (1550-1617) and James VI (1566-1625)
Item date: 1588
Date acquired: 2017
Grant Value: £3,000 [B H Breslauer Foundation Fund]
Item cost: £26,500
Institution: National Library of Scotland
Town/City: Edinburgh

John Napier, of Merchiston (1550-1617), A Plaine Discovery of the whole Revelation of Saint Iohn: set downe in two treatises. Edinburgh: printed by Robert Walde-grave, printer to the Kings Majestie. 1593; and James VI, King of Scotland, 15 in forme of ane sermone.

Item date: 18
Date acquired: 2017
Grant Value: £5,000
Item cost: £7,500
Institution: National Gallery, Library
Town/City: London

With the generous assistance of the Friends of the National Libraries, the National Gallery Research Centre has been able to acquire a small but significant collection of papers relating to the sale of the art collection of the Duc de Berry. The archive consists of a complete inventory of the 118 Berry paintings; a list of the costs of packing, shipping and insuring the collection; and a list of the 21 paintings which were sold, recording the buyers’ names.

Author: Nat Allen
Item date: 1951-1956
Date acquired: 2017
Grant Value: £300 [Smaller Libraries Fund]
Item cost: £300
Institution: Mountain Heritage Trust
Town/City: Keswick
County: Cumbria

This large collection of mountaineering and climbing books is from the estate of Nat Allen, a founder member of the Rock and Ice climbing club. Amongst the collection are a scrapbook and selection of black and white photographs and 35mm slides.

Item date: 1221- 1947
Date acquired: 2016
Grant Value: £20,000
Item cost: £262,500
Institution: Lincolnshire Archives
Town/City: Lincoln
County: Lincolnshire

The Monson Papers, an ‘indispensable record of British national life’, has been purchased and incorporated into the collections of Lincolnshire Archives. This extensive archive contains artworks, letters and travel papers spanning around 700 years. The core collection dates from 1221 to 1947 and comprises the estate archive of the Monson family, the Barons Monson of Burton by Lincoln, together with family and personal records and antiquarian papers. The collection also contains important records of domestic life, with everything from receipts for furniture and paintings to family recipes. These records provide a fascinating insight into the everyday lives of people in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Author: Martin Parr
Item date: 1983
Date acquired: 2017
Grant Value: £5,000
Item cost: £43,200
Institution: John Rylands Library, University of Manchester
Town/City: Manchester
County: Lancashire

Martin Parr is a British photographer, photo-journalist, artist and curator with an international reputation.

Author: Anonymous female author
Item date: c.1660
Date acquired: 2017
Grant Value: £7,500 [half from the B H Breslauer Foundation Fund]
Item cost: £45,000
Institution: Lambeth Palace Library
Town/City: London

The treatise is written in a single neat hand, laid out as if to be ready for the press and preceded by a spiritual autobiography, which identifies the author as ‘an Obedient Daughter and true Member of the Church of England’ and mentions her contacts with the

Author: Anacreon
Item date: 1705
Date acquired: 2017
Grant Value: £3,500 [B H Breslauer Foundation Fund]
Item cost: £7,000
Institution: Keats-Shelley House
Town/City: Rome

Lord Byron’s copy of the first Barnes Latin edition of the Poems of Anacreon (Cambridge, 1705) was given as a gift and inscribed to him by Leigh Hunt.

Author: George Lloyd
Item date: c1842-43
Date acquired: 2017
Grant Value: £8,125
Item cost: £8,125
Institution: Griffith Institute, University of Oxford
Town/City: Oxford
County: Oxfordshire

‘Sold to the Griffith Institute!’: on 9 May 2017 the Griffith Institute acquired at auction at Sotheby’ an album of watercolours, drawings and tracings of Egypt by George Lloyd.

Author: Robert Whi(s)paine
Item date: 1664
Date acquired: 2017
Grant Value: £856
Item cost: £856
Institution: Essex Record Office
Town/City: Chelmsford
County: Essex

Drawn in 1664 by Robert Whi(s)tpaine from a survey of 1659 by Ralph Dowcett, the plan shows a farm in ‘Tollesbury’ (recte Tolleshunt D’Arcy) owned by the Henry Smith Charity. This charity was established in 1628 under the will of Henry Smith and benefitted a large number of parishes in Essex and elsewhere, and the title of this map names in particular the parish of Southover in East Sussex. ERO already holds large numbers of manuscript estate maps. Quite apart from their aesthetic value, they underpin many studies of local history and geography in the early modern period. This is a competent and attractive example, of special interest firstly because little is known of the surveyor, Ralph Dowcett, although he may have come from the Terling area of Essex